Payette Brewing Live Screen Printing

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Watch How Live Screen Printing Works Click Video Below

What Makes Brigade Live Screen Printing Unique and Special at your Event?

  • Unique and Fun

    Your Guests most likely have never seen Live Screen Printing Before, so this will be something that they will talk about and wear your branding for years to come

  • Never Stuck with Extras or Leftover Inventory

    One of the hardest parts about having custom Merch for an event is getting stuck with leftover inventory or not having enough... never worry about that again.

    We Print each shirt / hoodie / Hat on demand. Leaving you with no leftover stock. As well as giving you the ability to put Dates & Locations without the worry of not being able to use the Merch for next year.

  • It's More Than Just Merch.... It's An Attraction

    There is nothing cooler than getting to customize your Merch on the spot at an event.

    Pick your Size / Color / Design / Logo and watch it get printed right there in front of you.

    Giving your clients / customers the feeling of creating something that is their ideas and decisions they will wear forever.

  • Quality and Expectation

    What is the Point of Branding your Merch and spending the money in creating something for people to wear, if they don't like wearing it?

    What if they only wear it 1 time cause it's uncomfortable or shrunk or just doesnt' look good.
    Well we make sure that the quality of our apparel and prints are something your customers and clients want to wear every day, and will rep it for years to come.

How does Live Screen Printing Work? Click the video

Designs and logos to pick from at each of our events

We have a team of graphic artists that will design all of the options to pick from and take all the

Lets start Designing your Logos

Big Betty Trailer

We have multiple options of Trailers / Trucks / Booths depending on your size of event and needs.

This is our largest of options aka "Big Betty" our 40' trailer with 5 door openings. Best for your larger events and outdoor events. We love showing up to events with Big Betty, she definitely makes your event look legit when it comes to Merch and Apparel

Click Here to Schedule "Big Betty"

Book Brigade ScreenPrinting. Click video below to see us at Payette Brewing Screen Printing Live for Fathers Day.

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Booth Package

If your event is indoors or we aren't able to drive one of our Merch Trucks or Merch Trailers onto the event space. This is your perfect option. We bring our entire setup of screen printing machines / Front sales bar / displays and setup at your event.

We can make any space work and adjust to your event for a perfect looking and live screen printing setup like your guests have never seen before.

One of the most unique and entertaining live setups and will be the talk of the event until they see us again at next years annual event.